IT4LEX – Credit recovery software

Process digitization is a key business leverage that delivers efficiency and cost savings to businesses.

In the area of debt recovery, technology can also be used to obtain competitive economic and structural benefits.

Debt recovery: a software solution

IT4Lex is a factoring platform entirely designed and developed by eWitness Italia, conceived as a web software specifically designed for law firms, businesses dealing with debt recovery or factoring.

IT4lex enables the smart management of the entire procedural process of a debt recovery file, from the opening of the file to its closing, ensuring optimal performance combined with ease of use.

How IT4Lex Debt Recovery Software works

The software guides professionals in compiling a debt recovery file, enabling the sharing of procedural data with the lawyers involved, and allowing for the monitoring of the procedure’s progress in accordance with legal deadlines and time limits.

The software can extract variable data by automatically generating the documents required for the procedure, such as an appeal by injunction, and allows for the sending of notifications, while automatically calculating interest. The platform can manage a large amount of data, ensuring the highest standards of security, reliability and performance.

The software thus enables a significant reduction in the time needed to create documents, by reducing the possibility of errors. Monitoring the progress of a given file thus becomes easy, meeting deadlines for producing and sending documents by means of an integrated alert system covering the legal terms; lastly, the system also suggests when further action should be taken.