This service makes it possible to deposit a source code of a software with a third party (Trustee or Escrow Agent) in order to safeguard the software as a guarantee both for the software manufacturer (Depositor) and for the user (Beneficiary or Licensee).

Depositing the source code of an application in escrow, constitutes a competitive advantage for both the Depositor and the Beneficiary, such as:

  • on the one hand, the intellectual property of the software is protected
  • on the other hand, continuity in the Beneficiary’s operational processes is guaranteed as he is assured access to the source upon the occurrence of certain criteria provided for in the contract.

The service provides creation of a contract involving the Depositor, the Beneficiary, the Trustee and the technological infrastructure that hosts the code.

In fact, the Trustee has to:

  • verify the existence of the files in a specific time and in a specific computer system
  • uses eWitness technology to log and certify files with safe and reliable tools designed to guarantee authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and availability.

The added value of eWitness consists in the possibility of carrying out verifications by the Beneficiary to secure the correct execution of the deposited source code and of any functionalities; for this process, eWitness must receive, from the Depositor, all information and architectural specifications necessary for verification.

eWitness offers the possibility of making deposits in person, as well as remotely, through a specially provided transmission channel.