What is dematerialization with process certification?

Technical expertise, compliance with legislation and technological and digital know-how are the key to digitalization of document processes with cutting-edge solutions.

In the era of digitalization, often dematerialization is mentioned, which is a process that leads to the creation of a digital documents that replaces, for legal purposes, the original paper copies, also known as analog originals.

Dematerialization process can be carried out in two different ways:

  • the more traditional one, the comparison of documents, which cannot be applied on a large scale
  • or through a certified optical acquisition process, the most suitable method in the case of a large number of documents.

The creation of electronic documents with evidential value, generates an easily accessible digital archive and in the case of dematerialization with a process certification, can permit the elimination and destruction of paper documents.

A process certification essentially produces a certificate of conformity of a copy to an original, provided that it is accompanied by a complete description of the process by which such copy was obtained.

The evidential effectiveness of a document-copy, by all current legislation, varies if it is carried out with the intervention of a Public Official or by a private individual. Therefore, according to legislation, process certification is only assured if the certificate of conformity is issued by a Notary or Public Official authorized to do so and signed by means of digital signature or another type of qualified electronic signature (pursuant to Articles . 22 paragraph 2 and 23-ter paragraph 3 of the CAD).

Dematerialisation and process certification service offered by eWitness

eWitness supports companies in the conversion from analogue to digital document management by offering the same guarantees of authenticity and security as paper, yet maintaining the legal and evidential value of a document itself unchanged. Specialized in consulting organization and digitalizing in full compliance with current national and European legislation as well as digital preservation.

eWitness places the Notary as a fiduciary third party at the center of its business model, guaranteeing client companies the supply, where necessary, of services certified by a Public Official, offering technological infrastructures in support. The role of the notary results in guaranteeing the certification of the dematerialization process of analogue documents in accordance to the most recent regulatory provisions.

We are therefore able to offer support to appropriately certify document dematerialization, followed by correct document storage, effectively enabling companies to eliminate their paper archive, to optimize the management of internal resources and to enjoy greater practicality and speed in document search.