A secure service for exchanging, sharing and preserving files


Digitalization: a constantly evolving process

Every professional individual and company constantly creates and shares information.

Documents, presentations and files with different degrees of confidentiality are just some examples of information that is produced, shared, consulted, managed and modified, many times with the contribution of others.

It is key to manage and share information between stakeholders in a simple, immediate but above all safe way.

The use of specialized online platforms and highest security standards enable consultation, sharing, monitoring and tracking functions of all the operations performed.

Digitalization, as an operational simplification tool, combined with regulation provisions and highest digital security standards, guarantees identical certainties as analog processes have up until now.

The eWitness solution for exchanging, sharing and preserving files

Kamzan is a platform that allows the exchange, secure sharing and digital preservation of documents.

It is a tool created to protect and guarantee the privacy and integrity of corporate data but which also revolutionises the paradigm at the basis of document exchange: from a mere technical operation to an effective intra and extra corporate communication tool, mapping the creation, the versioning and evolution of documents and tracing the contributions of different individuals involved.

There are many interactions that the platform provides and, due to integration with the eWitness Preservation System which guarantees probative value over time, the user can preserve and also select which documents to preserve.

Digital preservation, as required by the CAD, gives documents integrity, legibility, traceability, authenticity and reliability.

Kamzan is provided through a Cloud Suite which can be accessed through authenticated credentials modulated by request of the Customer, based on the degree of permission, in compliance with corporate access policies defined and shared by the system administrator.

Kamzan solution allows:

  • uploading and / or synchronizing of files and folders to the secure cloud
  • management and possibility of online file editing, even in collaboration mode with others
  • assigning tags to files and folders with different degrees of visibility
  • advanced search of filenames, extensions and tags
  • sending and receiving files with delivery and download notification
  • monitoring all activities performed on files and folders
  • management of viewing and access permissions of individual files within a shared folder
  • sending multiple recipient emails through ones own email address and controlling who views or downloads attached files
  • personalized settings for a total sharing experience
  • immediate document storage within the eWitness Preservation System