Secure digital delegations


The eWitness solution for digital management of secure delegations

The platform for managing delegations securely in digital form allows to take advantage of a centralised and monitored digital system with which these can be produced.

The platform was created to meet the needs of companies, for example, operating in the field of construction and routine maintenance of construction sites but not only. It also serves in appointing relevant Managers, who supervise the system for delegations remotely, rapidly and with a process in compliance to current regulations, avoiding the  time consuming paper process.

The online platform for secure delegations allows for the management of the entire process through:

  • generation of delegations with customisable and specific models
  • identifies the delegates and delegators
  • notifies the interested parties in real time and in particular the delegator, of the presence of a new delegation ready to be read and signed and then also, notifies the delegate and the Notary
  • allows the delegate to download and view the content of the delegation
  • informs the Notary that the delegate has read the delegation and is aware of the content and legal impact
  • allows to upload a digitally signed delegation
  • offers the possibility for the Notary to verify the signatures affixed and to sign the certification
  • transfers the delegation and the certification signed by the Notary into the eWitness Digital Preservation System
  • transfers the delegation to the legal disclosure system chosen by the company (usually into the company’s intranet system).