Deed 4.0

Investments in the digitalisation of operational processes are constantly growing: new regulation changes have urged transformation in 2019 and in 2020 budgets for this innovative sector have increased.

Professional sectors find the need to keep pace with the evolutions that have affected the working world in 2020, and to equip themselves with digital tools to pursue new organisational structures.

Intervening in organisational processes has high competition.

The eWitness solutions for the management of notarial deeds

Rogito Facile – Easy Deed

The Rogito Facile platform is an eWitness solution to automate and facilitate the sharing of information and documents between notaries and real estate agencies. In Italian “Rogito” is a common term for “deed of sale”.  

This solution has proven to reduce overheads to 30% in respect to traditional working methods, such as telephone and email.

The Rogito Facile platform is an evolution of the PESCO platform, sold in 2010 to Gruppo MutuiOnline (MOL), which now processes two thirds of mortgage loans in Italy.

Rogito Facile provides:

  • a platform that collects data and documents produced by the parties and agencies, mandatory for the drafting of a preliminary contract and the deed of sale
  • a dedicated web section that provides real-time display and monitoring of the status of all acts and their progress
  • the generation of a digital copy of a stipulated deed, on which an electronic stamp is attached for identification
  • consultation and download of post-stipulation documents
  • an online archive of all completed acts with related documented KPIs.

Notaio in Rete

The Notaio in Rete solution offers notary firms the possibility to develop and share procedures and web platforms with which it is possible to increase the degree of efficiency by reducing processing time and costs.

The service offers:

  • the development of portal websites
  • the possibility to manage quotations online