Digital mediation delegations


The eWitness solution to digitally manage mediation delegations

This solution allows to manage the entire life cycle of a delegation, from production to digital preservation, by monitoring the status of the individual delegations issued, having the certainty of the uniqueness of the document and identifying each delegation to the procedure to which it is related.

 The online platform for mediation delegations allows to manage the entire process:

  • provides the lawyer with the possibility to send a request for a delegation with the relevant content
  • provides the Notary with the possibility to verify the content and generate a digital delegation
  • alerts the interested parties in real time and in particular the delegator, of the presence of a new delegation ready for viewing and signing
  • the delegator can upload the digitally signed delegations
  • offers the possibility for the Notary to verify the signatures affixed and to certify their validity
  • the delegate or the reference operator, can download the digitally signed delegation to be used in the mediation process
  • transfers the delegation, the certification and the access log, to the eWitness digital storage system.