Digitalization: a constantly evolving process

The obligation of electronic invoicing has initiated a process of great transformation within various sectors that are starting to look at digitalisation as a great opportunity. More companies are deciding to process accounting digitally.

There is a greater demand to digitalize business processes, streamline procedures and adapt digital tools capable of responding to these needs: in fact, these are changes that can have a strong impact on the organization of a company, accompanied with many benefits given the eventual simplification of operational processes.

A good example are extracts from accounting books kept digitally for the purpose of display on the PET (Telematic Executive Process). It is possible to request, manage and produce an authentic notarial extract directly from an electronic document (digital accounting book) that has the same validity as a paper document and that can be produced in court for executive proceedings

The eWitness solution for processing notarial extracts from digital documents

The eWitness platform dedicated to the management of extracts, allows companies, that digitally preserve accounting books and documents, to swiftly and effortlessly request digital notarial extracts that can be used in any situation, including those of litigation, with full evidential value.

This solution was created to respond to the need of different sectors: from companies to professionals, who often need to obtain one or more notarial extracts in the quickest way possible directly from their PC.

The platform provides:

  • access through personal credentials
  • form to be filled in with the details of the desired extract
  • automatically alerts eWitness of the new request
  • search activation by the Notary on the dedicated extracts platform
  • extraction of the information requested and drafting of the extract
  • validation of the content of the extract with the signature of the Notary
  • sends extract to the customer who requested it

The service is available both, for companies that carry out digital preservation with eWitness and for those who have entrusted in a preservation service with another provider.

Companies that are not registered for the storage service at eWitness can still enjoy the advantages of the extract platform simply by transferring the distribution packages (PdDs) of their digital documents to eWitness. eWitness will carry out the necessary security verifications and preparations to make the data available on the platform ready for the retrieval of the desired extract.