eWitness was founded in 2005 in Luxembourg by Prof. Riccardo Genghini. Luxembourg, which gave birth to eWitness technology, was the starting point from which we expanded our skills and our geographical coverage, growing through multiple partnerships.

The goal was to create a reliable digital replacement storage system, not only for end users, but also for third party recipients of the service.

The technology was developed with the contribution of Professor Andreas Pfitzmann of the T.U. Dresden, Professor Reinhard Posch of the T.U. Graz and Dr. Stephen Kent (Raytheon BBN Technologies chief scientist for Security Technology, key figure in the process of creating TCP packets and Internet PKI) .The first implementation was designed by Matthias Schunter of Sirrix AG (Chief Technologist of the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing).

Professor Genghini has always maintained that, the main objective of the eWitness business project, was to make it impossible to hide or delete information of common interest; this is because, as history teaches us, a society without a reliable historical memory, is a dangerous society!

The technological solution is based on David Chaum’s idea of ​​the “Computer Systems Established, maintained and trusted by mutually suspicious group”, which uses HASH trees , as they are used in block-chain technology.

The company was then sold to Luxembourg institutional investors in 2009.

Professor Genghini still remains a member of the non-executive Board, in charge of research and development, legal compliance and internationalisation of business activities.

eWitness SA affiliated two companies in Italy and Romania, thus starting the process of business expansion in Europe.

Strengthened by this backup, we face an internationalisation path, by making our solutions accessible in Europe, developing tailor-made projects and business opportunities, thanks to the active participation of our experts in the creation of European standards as members of the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)