eWitness is an IT company that offers services and technological solutions specialising in digital preservation.

We qualify in granting and ensuring legal value over time to digital transactions.

We design platforms and offer services that can support companies, freelancers and the Public Administration, with innovative business processes, to fully overcome the challenges posed by digital transformation.

We replace the processes and functions of the analog world with digital services and solutions that allow remote management, through the combination of identification, signatures, authentication, certification, consent and storage.

The eWitness preservation system is a proprietary system that places the notary as a third party trustee,  at the center of its business model, thus guaranteeing client companies the provision of services certified by a Public Official.

eWitness technology is based on Open Source code and combines strong authentication, VPN and digital signature in an absolutely innovative way to ensure the authenticity of IT documents and transactions. We are certified 9001: 2015, 27001: 2013.