Digitalization as a remote tool

Digital transformation can and should be more prevalent within companies, not just in times of emergency.

Digitalization, in full compliance with current regulations, provides operational continuity in business processes through efficient and quick management, and offers the same certainties that analog processes have guaranteed up until now.

Digital platforms enable consultation, sharing, approval and signing of documents in a safe, easy and immediate manner while also ensuring correct management of transactions.

The eWitness solution for managing digital delegations

Building trust with clients is the primary goal for eWitness. To do so, we believe it is important to offer valid, reliable and confidential solutions.

For digital delegations, eWitness can provide online platforms that allow management of:

  • secure digital delegations: i.e. digitalisation of the process through which delegations are produced and signed by all interested parties, with the possibility to monitor active delegations, revoke them, when necessary, and guarantee nothing is lost thanks to tracking of delegations issued and revoked, in addition to mandatory, by law, legal disclosure.
  • digital mediation delegations: manages the entire life cycle of a delegation, from production to digital preservation, by monitoring the status of individual delegations issued and renders them accessible to lawyers who supervise the mediation, providing certainty of the uniqueness of the document and identify which procedure each delegation is related to.

Choose the option that best suits your needs and we will make your business secure, applying most advanced technology.