The partnership between eWitness Italia and DiliTrust is born: it is the era of digitalization for the legal and corporate affairs departments


The platform for digitally managing and keeping company books, integrated with the eWitness preservation system and the DiliTrust Governance suite, offers legal and corporate affairs departments, a new digital and fully paperless working methodology.

The revolutionary process in approaching work and operating methods, has begun: smart working and teleworking have been adopted and encouraged by companies to ensure operational continuity of their businesses. They are now, operations, that have become the new normal and are destined to be part of our daily work routines.

It is in this scenario, in which it is necessary to think of digital transformation as a source of opportunity and an example of virtue: the implementation of digital processes within organizations ensures, on the one hand, the operational continuity in various sectors and on the other, full compliance with legislation and safety principles.

eWitness Italia, an IT company which offers technological solutions and services specialized in document management and digital preservation; and Dilitrust, a global provider of services and solutions dedicated to Corporate Governance, come together to sign a technological partnership which will integrate the digitalization of corporate books and the eWitness proprietary document preservation system with the Dilitrust Governance suite, to create a modular software solution which simplifies and automates legal department processes in a secure manner.

The combination of these two solutions, with thanks to the automatic integration of the management system, digital signature and storage service, will offer the possibility to manage the pre and post phases of company book entries in digital format: from the organization of the agenda, to the convening of an assembly, sharing of files, the digital signatures of interested parties, as well as preservation. All from a paperless perspective, in compliance with current legislation guaranteeing legal and probative value to documents over time.