eWitness mail is a notarial certified e-mail service that meets the European ETSI TS 102 640-6-2 standard, a certified delivery that allows users to securely send and receive sensitive documents without risk.

In some respects, it is a service similar to PEC certified e-mail in Italy, but with the certification of the sender alone, which guarantees a company not only the certainty of the content and date of its own e-mails, but also the rapid management of its communications with customers, particularly in reference to the optimization of digitized administrative procedures and debt recovery practices.

Sending a message via eWitness Mail certified delivery ensures that clients:

  • obtain the attribution date of the message and any attached business documents

  • retain messages and attachments in their notarial digital archive

  • obtain receipts, by the sender, of a digitally signed certificate attesting the status of the message’s delivery

  • obtain proof that the notification has been made, authenticated by a notary and enforceable against third parties

Why opt for certified delivery?

eWitness mail certified delivery holds the same value as simple registered mail, the most traditional form of security for documents sent in paper format, but with numerous advantages in terms of use:

  • easily integrates with your e-mail systems

  • recipients receive messages on common e-mail accounts, without the need for special messaging systems (e.g. PEC)

This translates into a drastic reduction in delivery costs compared to traditional postal channels, which are much more susceptible to loss and human error. The digitization of documents and their certification are the future, with almost every public or private entity now requiring electronic documentation. eWitness certified delivery thus provides your best opportunity to do so securely.