The combination of human resources, cross-disciplinary skills and technological know-how make it possible to design solutions able to meet the business needs of our clients operating in continuously evolving and ever-changing markets. 
eWitness SA has been investing considerable resources to develop EWT technology since 2005, with the support of German companies operating in the field of computer security (such as Sirrix AG), and starting from a security concept developed in collaboration with leading experts from TU Graz (Austria), TU Dresden and TU Saarbrücken (Germany) and the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy).
 eWitness technology is based on the Open Source code and combines strong authentication, VPN and digital signature in an absolutely innovative way, in order to ensure the authenticity of electronic documents, transactions and email.
Our technology provides full integration between document management and digitalized administrative processes to create operating flows that meet the highest standards of quality and minimize costs/time spent in corporate management.
The IT infrastructure is located inside a private cage at the data centers of British Telecom, one of the first housing centers in Europe and renowned for its physical and logical security characteristics. Borsa Italiana has placed its servers in the same data center.