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Milano, 10/03/2020

The health emergency has had a strong impact on companies and has clearly highlighted the need for digital support in business operations.

Companies must be able to continue carrying out their activities in order to guarantee operational continuity that effectively avoids the economic collapse of our country. While being aware that it is not possible to apply this concept to every work activity, eWitness is firmly convinced that today technology can and should have more space within our companies but even within our daily habits. Digitalisation must be understood as a new working tool that, combined with the norms of the Civil Code and highest security standards, can guarantee the same certainties that analog processes have guaranteed up until now.

For this reason eWitness Italia offers digital platforms that guarantee the continuity of business processes remotely and in complete safety, such as:

  • the Arkesignum platform which provides management, consultation and digital signing of contracts within a secure and certified environment which also stores transaction logs;
  • the platform for “mediation delegations” and “security delegations” provides the digitalisation for drafting and signing delegations by all interested parties;
  • the platform for “IT management of company records” which gives full legal and evidential value to compulsory company records stored in digital format, with more efficient management of all security aspects in comparison to paper management;
  • the “digital extracts” platform provides the preparation of notarial extracts to be used in any situation, including those of litigation with full evidential effectiveness for companies that carry out digital preservation of records and documents;
  • the “source code escrow” service provides for the source code to be deposited with a third party trustee in the interest of all parties involved (user and producer of the code).

These are some of the digital solutions that assure certainty in digital processes, we share with you because isolation and distance, cannot and must not ,stop Italy: this is our mission!

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