Great news regarding the signing of contracts in the liquidity decree

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New guidelines for the digital sector regarding the signing of contracts between banks and customers; art. 4 of Legislative Decree 23/2020 permits the signing of contracts (until the end of the state of emergency, Covid – 31 July 2020) through electronic mail. A signature can be assimilated to a document undersigned with a simple signature provided that there is an exchange of consent, identity documents and that the signed contract, document, or email is then transferred into a digital storage system.

Art. 4 of the above mentioned Legislative Decree, provides for full validity to the principle of non-discrimination of electronic signatures, implementing provision of art. 25 of the EIDAS Regulation, which states “an electronic signature cannot be denied legal effects and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings for the sole reason of its electronic form or because it does not meet the requirements of qualified electronic signatures”.

Since the Covid-19 emergency has made alternative forms of signing possible, technology aides to simplify these processes and procedures.

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