ARKESIGNUM: the eWitness solution for managing and signing documents and contracts online

The ARKESIGNUM platform provides for remote management and signing of documents and contracts with the qualified digital signature.

ARKESIGNUM was created to meet the needs of companies, banks and professional firms that need to manage and securely share contracts and documents, keep track of all versions, have evidence of the changes made by all participants and above all, ensure legal value to a signed document by digitally preserving it.

ARKESIGNUM permits to manage the entire approval process of a document:

  • Permits to create, share, and consult a document

  • Alerts in real time all interested parties the presence and the modifications of a new document

  • Tracks the versioning and modifications of a document

  • Permits all parties to download, read, and sign a document with a qualified electronic signature

  • Offers the possibility to independently verify the digital signatures applied

  • Automatically transfers a document into the eWitness Digital Preservation System

  • Allows to download the report log listing all operations made to the single transaction by all parties involved

Furthermore, ARKESIGNUM offers the possibility to request the validity of the signatures affixed and the completion of a contract through a Public Official certification.

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