Documents and contracts signed online with digital transformation

Digital transformation is required more frequently within companies, not just in these times of emergency.

To enable operational continuity in business processes, to fully overcome all challenges, to bring out added value to resources, delegating the mere control of operations to a machine, but also to manage smart working (which is proving to be a excellent alternative to customary business management), it is necessary to understand digitalisation as a new working tool, capable of guaranteeing the same certainties that analog processes have guaranteed up until now.

Digital platforms that allow to consult, share, approve, sign documents and contracts online, in a safe, easy and immediate way, can guarantee all this by also ensuring the correct management of each transaction.

The eWitness solution for the management and signing of online documents and contracts

The ARKESIGNUM platform is the solution to digitally manage the process of online signing of documents and contracts (such as NDAs, proxies, agreements, etc.) within an organisation or company, through the use of a digital signature.

ARKESIGNUM was created to meet the needs of companies, banks and professional firms that need to manage and securely share contracts and documents, track the versions, have evidence of the changes made by all parties and above all ensure legal value to a signed document by storing it in a Digital Preservation System.

ARKESIGNUM provides management of the process of an approved document.

  • provides drafting, sharing and consultation of a document
  • alerts the parties involved, in real time, of the presence and modification of a new document
  • keeps track of the versioning of a document and the changes made
  • allows all parties to download, read and sign the document by integrating a digital signature
  • offers the possibility to independently verify digital signatures
  • automatically sends documents to the eWitness Storage System
  • provides download of the log report related to the actions performed by the parties involved in the process.

Furthermore, ARKESIGNUM offers the possibility of requesting the validity of an integrated signature and the conclusion of a contract through certification by a Public Official (Notary).


Access to the online platform is provided through authenticated credentials modulated by the request of a licensed customer, based on the degree of functional authorisation, in compliance with access policies defined and shared with the system administrator. It is also possible to provide customisations relating to the authentication system.

The subjects allowed to share and sign are registered by a licensed user directly on the platform and, due to an integrated alert system, will be promptly notified whenever there is a new document to be shared or signed.

Finally and equally essential, all users will be able to digitally sign documents with their own qualified signature device or request eWitness to issue a signature certificate.

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