Signing contracts and documents online

Signing contracts and documents online

Documents and Contracts signed online through digital transformation

Digital transformation is becoming more prevalent within our companies, not just during times of emergency.

To grant business processes operational continuity, to fully control all the challenges posed, to highlight additional values of a resource, delegating the operational control to a machine, and also manage operational activities through smart working (which has proven to be an excellent alternative to traditional business management to which we always have been accustomed), it is necessary to understand digitalization as a new working tool, capable of guaranteeing the same certainties that analog processes have guaranteed up until now.

Digital platforms that allow you to consult, share, approve, sign documents and contracts online, in a secure, easy, and immediate manner, can guarantee all this by ensuring safe management of every transaction.

The eWitness solution for signing documents

Establishing a relationship of trust with our clients is the primary goal of eWitness. To do this, we believe it is important to be able to provide reliable and easy-to-use solutions.

With this in mind eWitness offers ADOBE SIGN integrated directly with the eWitness proprietary system for Digital Preservation.

This is an ideal web service which automates the process to remotely create and approve documents and contracts (such as NDAs, proxies, agreements etc …), allowing for different types of electronic signatures.

Adobe Sign is a Cloud-based service that permits to replace traditional analog processes, with the implementation of digital processes and workflows, which provide for legally valid signatures in just a few minutes, speeding up signature processes. It also provides for automatic digital preservation, in accordance with the law, of the documents and operational process logs. All this is made possible through the integration of the eWitness Digital Preservation System with the Adobe Sign Signature Solution to guarantee legal and evidential value, over time, to a signed document.


All users can digitally sign documents using these different types of signatures:

  • SES (Simple Electronic Signature)
  • AES (Advanced Electronic Signature)
  • QES (Qualified Electronic Signature), using a signature device or a signature certificate.

The Adobe Sign Solution allows for digital management of an entire document approval process.

  • Permits to create, share, and consult a document or contract

  • Alerts in real time all interested parties the presence of a new document to be approved and/or signed

  • Allows the parties to download, read, and digitally sign the document

  • Produces a report log, listing all operations made to the single transaction

  • Automatically transfers the signed document and the report log into the eWitness Digital Preservation System

Advantages of the solution:

  • Compliant with European and WW legislation in the field of electronic signatures (EU eIDAS for electronic signatures – AES for Advanced Electronic Signatures – QES for Qualified Electronic Signatures)

  • Possibility to apply diverse electronic signatures

  • Preferred solution of Microsoft

  • Multiple pre-existing integrations (Acrobat Pro, Office 365, Sharepoint, eWitness Digital Preservation)

  • May be used both via web and app