eWitness becomes an Adobe reseller and integrates its digital preservation system within the Adobe Sign solution


eWitness Italia has integrated the Adobe Sign service, the leading solution to digitally sign documents, with its own digital preservation system; in order to offer companies a complete service for signing and storing documents, in accordance with the law.

The implementation for digital processes within organizations is underway, however many companies are still struggling with analog processes. It is in this scenario that eWitness becomes a reseller of the Adobe Sign solution and also integrates its storage system to it. Aiming to offer a simple and easy-to-access signature tool, complete with digital preservation.

This solution makes it possible to replace traditional analog processes – slow, error-prone and fragmented – with digital processes and workflows that allow to obtain legally valid signatures in a few minutes, speeding up signature processes and keeping logs of the operations carried out and the signed document in accordance with the law. All through an automatic integration of two systems which guarantee digitally signed document with the same legal and evidential value over time, as do paper documents.

The service is designed and aimed, both at Adobe Sign users who also need to store documents produced in compliance with the law, and at companies, that are looking for a new solution to digitally sign and store signed files in compliance with the law.