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The two companies announce the integration of the Kamzan Preservation System with eWitness.

Eleonora Giardino, CEO of eWitness Italia Srl, says yes to Kamzan, the secure tool created by Jinni Srl, which allows exchange, sharing and now also digital preservation of files through eWitness.

A partnership agreement was signed between eWitness Italia and Jinni Srl, who join forces by introducing their respective companies with a new service called Kamzan. Created to protect and guarantee the privacy and integrity of company data due to the combination of consolidated technologies and new tools. Through this exclusive partnership, a service is provided to allow users, to create, share and exchange any type of document, and then select those to which to apply legal value over time by transferring them into preservation.

“The digital preservation of a document is increasingly important today.” – explains Giardino – “A native digital document can have legal value over time only if properly stored and this can only be guaranteed with a process of preservation in accordance with the law.”

From the need to combine the secure management of digital information and documents through a preservation process that guarantees their legal value over time, this strong partnership is born. It represents an authoritative and prestigious reference point in digital document management.