DigiDoCert: the solution to create, manage and preserve company documents


Digital preservation as an integral part of the life cycle of IT documents

Digital preservation is an integral part of the life cycle of an IT document and in fact gives legal value over time to the document itself.

Each electronic document must be kept for a certain period of time; legislation defines how to manage and digitally store documents for probative value, that one wants to apply to a specific document.

For this reason, it is important, when creating a document, to have established the purpose of the document and determine the management process to be used. Solutions that provide for creation, management and distribution of documents within an organisation, which offer complete service, must also have an integrated storage system.

The eWitness solution for creating, managing and storing business documents

The DigiDoCert platform is a solution which allows to automate document management functions, to optimise operational processes due to the workflow provided and to transfer documents into a digital storage system. With a single web interface, it offers the possibility to create, manage, transform and distribute document flows from any source or system, giving legal value by depositing the documents into the eWitness digital preservation system.

The solution also allows provides for custom graphics and additional document content.

DigiDoCert provides complete management of documents:

  • possibility to create and modify a document
  • possibility to customise the content of a document, add graphics, overlays, QR Codes, advertisements and images
  • generates a list of documents available on the platform
  • distributes documents through multichannels (mail, web, print)
  • offers the possibility to manage different levels of access and authorisations
  • deposits the electronic documents into the eWitness digital preservation